Here you will find a selection of interesting articles about World of Leading Golf as well as various national Leading Golf Courses associations.


GMé reports on developments of WLG


WLG published an advertorial in the reputed Golf Management Europe magazine, a publication successfully addressing not only golf clubs, but the wider golf industry in general, for more awareness in the EMEA region.

see online version of GMé's August issue



As the first two tournaments of co-op partner VP Bank on WLG courses are over, Golf Week published an article on the happenings at member club Margarethenhof Golf Resort.

see the Golf Week clipping on VP tournament here



A first WLG advertisement in the Arnold Palmers 'The Majors Guide' attracts attention by golfers, golf establishments and business persons.

see the WLG AP advertisement here


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There have been an impressive number of articles published on new clubs joining the WLG and the associations' developments. Here's a selection of the latest online-publishings:


Golf Retailing on Stoke Park's becoming a WLG 'home of'


golfbusinessnews on Le Golf National as Ryder Cup Venue and WLG member on membership Hardenberg GolfResort


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The publication of the first World of Leading Golf Guide in April 2015 had been an exciting moment for the associations' management and the member clubs. Now that the guide has gone online, the business und sporting press is picking up on the subject.

see exemplary article here


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It was a grand kick-off for the rebranding of The Leading Golf Courses to World of Leading Golf and thanks to the diverse articles launched on the event as well as the new British members of the association by World of Leading Golf's PR Agency Azalea, the group is strengthening its awareness throughout the UK and beyond.

see clipping 1 here

see clipping 2 here



In order to offer even more tools to preserve and ameliorate a Leading Golf Courses quality The Leading Golf Courses and the renowned Mystery Shopper Service 59Club had decided on a co-operation earlier in the year. The German online magazine exklusivgolfen now published a German version of the resepective Press Release.

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GBN, the independent British online-magazine for people in the golf business, reports on the fact that the ‘PGAs of Europe Annual Congress and International Team Championship‘ has decided to change its foothold and will be hosted by LGCE member club Gloria Golf in December 2014. The event primarily serves for "presidents and CEOs of national PGAs, as well as other significant golfing bodies to meet and discuss the state of play within their respective territories." An occasion the stunning and luxurious Gloria Resort will accommodate graciously.

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As the IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) serves as a representative as well as informational medium for the golf tourism insustry, relations to the LGCE are a given and the association shows a keen interest in the goings-on of our union. The article on the Thracian Cliffs Resort becoming a member is one very visible proof for this.

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tl_files/Daten/news/gbn-logo-trim.gif, GBN, the independent British online-magazine for people who work in the golf business all around the world, covers the full range of topics both on and off the course. Realizing the fact, that the LGCE strives to engage member golf clubs from the UK, they have published an article on the Almanach 2014 and the compendium.

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The "Neue Pressburger Zeitung", a Magazine addressing the German audience of Slovakia as well as the neighbouring Austria and Germany, is a faithful partner regularly recommending the superior Penati Golf Courses for demanding players seeking new challenges.

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Son Gual Golf´s Members Club Magazin has published an interview with Jan Miguel Ferrer, Managing Director from Leading Golf Courses Europe. Please find the whole interview here. 

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In the April edition, “Golf Tody Italy” reports about the membership of the first five Italian golf clubs who have joined the LGCE in the past weeks.

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The Leading Golf Courses Italy have decided on a media partnership with the popular Italian online-magazine “Golf & Turismo”

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Download German translation here (PDF)